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Erasmus Staff Mobility

Erasmus Staff Mobility


Both academic and administrative staff of a university with a Erasmus University Charter (EUC) can benefit from the staff mobility training (STT) in an Erasmus partner university or in a business enterprise. Staff mobility training (STT) includes three types of mobility:


  • The mobility of university staff member going to an enterprise and vice versa: The purpose of this type of mobility is to provide opportunity for the training of the participants through the transmittal of knowledge and experience. The basic activities are; seminars, workshops, courses and conferences, practice education processes, short-term assignments etc. The requirement of a partnership agreement is not required in case of business enterprise motilities.
  • The mobility of the university executive and administrative staff going to another university: The purpose of this type of mobility is to provide opportunity for the participants to learn from another institution's experience and good implementations and to improve required talents for his/her current assignments. The basic activities are study visits, short term assignments and on the job training programs.
  • The mobility of academic staff going to another higher education institution to have training: Training periods can have duration of 2 days - 2 months. Financial support is available for the academic staff to spend teaching periods abroad and for the university staff to have training at a university (there is no need for an Erasmus+ agreement between FSMVU and the university; however the university must have an Erasmus University Charter) or at a business enterprise. Apart from the regular trainings, courses, internships are eligible (except for conferences and congresses).

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