Our Visit to Sousse Polytechnic University in Tunisia


We were at Sousse Polytechnic University, Tunisia, within the scope of Erasmus+ KA107 Staff Teaching Mobility and project cooperation.

During the visit our Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Design Prof. Dr. İbrahim Numan gave lectures titled "Developing an Idea on Turkish Architecture" and "Understanding Vernacular Architecture of Turkey" that were attended by students and lecturers from the Sousse Polytechnic University Architecture department.

In his first presentation, Prof. Dr. Numan drew a general outline of Turkish architecture from its beginnings to the present and shared important examples on the subject. In his second presentation, he went into detail on the traditional and local architecture styles used in each region of modern Turkey. He also met with the Sousse Polytechnic University management and its Department of Architecture officials and exchanged ideas on possible cooperation in the Architecture field and set motion the preparation of another student visit and a possible student workshop program to take place soon.

Aiming to expand on the number of projects and cooperation areas between the two institutions, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University’s Head of the International Relations Department Dr. Bedia Tekin, International Programs Coordinator Vusala Aghayeva, and International Student Office Specialist May Skander met with the Sousse Polytechnic University management and discussed Internationalization policies of both institutions, along with the preparation and implementation processes of other Erasmus projects. The detailed information about the Erasmus program was shared with EPS Students.